Clayton Bellamy is a juggler—he’s pretty good at it, too.

The Alberta-born rock and roll country artist performs in two bands, hosts a radio show, just released a new album, is renovating his house and still finds time for his family.

“It’s a bit of a circus between the Road Hammers, my solo band and now my radio show,” said Bellamy. “There’s a lot of run around, plus two kids and my wife.”

The Bonnyville native, who used to live in Nashville, just released his fourth solo album, Five Crow Silver. Its first single “Goodbye America” is a rocking tune that’s steadily climbing the charts. The song reflects an edgier sound than what was on Bellamy’s previous albums.

“I just really wanted to delve into my influences, which are rock and roll,” he said. “I’m a lover of singer-songwriters with loud guitars, like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Steve Earle.”

The album’s name, taken from a track with the same title, also reflects that change.  “[‘Five Crow Silver’] is a song about change, about leaving something familiar behind. And I thought that was what the journey of this new record was all about.”

Becoming a radio show host was an unexpected happening along Bellamy’s journey; he didn’t think he would ever have a career on the airwaves. “I was approached last fall at the [Canadian Country Music Association] awards about hosting for a week at CISN [country radio],” he said. “After I was done, they called me in and I thought they were going to tell me never to come back again, but they offered me a job.”

While he hosts a show five days a week, Bellamy still goes full tilt at his “day job” and is hitting the road this summer for a Canadian tour. He looks forward to playing on Canada Day in Bonnyville because he doesn’t often have the opportunity to play in his hometown.

“I played Canada Day there last year and there was more than 5,000 [people], so it was a really great homecoming.”

In light of the devastating floods in the southern part of the province, some proceeds from Bellamy’s shows will go to Red Cross to help Albertans affected by flooding. A burger sale by donation at the Jasper Legion where Bellamy is playing will also raise additional funds for the organization.

“Having lived through Nashville floods in 2008, I’ve seen the devastation that was there and this is very, very familiar,” he said. “Anything that I can do to help is inconsequential compared to what [Albertans] have lost.”

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