Knowing Clayton Bellamy from performing with the Road Hammers, I was all set to get my country on . . . boy was I wrong; Bellamy and band instantly knocked me over with rock ’n’ roll intensity. Before the first song was even finished, I texted a friend/industry pro who I knew was at a venue across the street to say I highly recommend getting over to Tattoo ASAP. She did and was also very impressed. Experiencing Bellamy’s live show was exactly that: an experience. I had physical and emotional reactions to the experience, I felt the same passion that the musicians obviously felt while performing. Originally from Alberta, this country rocker now lives outside of Nashville, Tenn. and recently wrote and recorded a song with Grady called “Alberta Bones.” It may sound strange, but Bellamy’s live performance was like a drug that I am still craving and already feeling the withdrawal from.

— Diane Foy
From Spill Magazine